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Dear Seniors....

Congratulations ....You made it!  What an amazing time in your life, right? I mean, this is it! This is what all your hard work, dedication and commitment has brought you to...Senior Year.  Bet you didn't think it would ever get here, and now that it has you have SO Many things to decide in the upcoming months.  What I hope you don't overlook are your Senior Portraits.  Why? Because these are the images that will summarize your entire twelve years and will be the visuals for everyone to cherish. With over 35 years in the family business of photography, I have seen the Senior Portrait industry grow and evolve into something more than just taking a photograph.  It has become a brand, an experience and now considered a Milestone in one's life.  Today's Senior is looking for more than the tuxedo / velvet wrap year book photo...they want to express their identity, style and achievements.  That is why I make it my highest priority to bring out the very Best of YOU!  When you have a Senior Session with me it is more than just "pictures and selfies" it is a total package.  Every Senior has a unique story to tell, ..Are you ready for me to capture yours?......

Who's Trish? Well, Just a Small Town Girl....


 That's right! Born and Raised in Alamogordo located in the beautiful southern part of New Mexico.  I am a mother of three amazing children that loves to be kept on the GO! Traveling is what led me to find some of the most beautiful and unique locations for many of my photo shoots and I am excited to share and incorporate them into one for YOU!   When I'm not on location or editing from my home office you will find me cheering on my boys playing soccer, basketball or running track or grabbing a quick Pedicure, (my guilty pleasure) with my daughter.  Naturally, with such a busy schedule I love and appreciate my quiet times at home, with my husband and family.    

Contact me

Tel: (575)921-9928



822 Mimosa Avenue

Alamogordo, NM  88310

I'd love to hear from you...Let's start planning!

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